Loomis represents over 30 years of experience in the scribing and breaking of frangible materials for the semiconductor industry.

Because each client's application is unique and therefore presents unique challenges, our experience and knowledge are our most valuable tools for providing cost effective solutions.


Our consultation is supported by the simultaneous development of precision scribe dicing machines conceived to address the very challenges our clients present.

By doing introductory contract scribing, we provide potential customers with tangible evidence of our value.

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Latest News
• See the latest in automated Laser Diode and Wafer Process capabilities from the Loomis LSD-155.

The LSD-100 has been superseded by our “LSD-155Lt” We are introducing our “Litet” software for the LSD-155 to satisfy the needs of our customers who do not require the capacities offered in the full version of the LSD-155. We will continue to provide basic service for LSD-100 systems older than 10 year, and repairs on systems less than 10 years old.

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